9: clown-barf & after-shots...

it occurred to me, as i was putting together the list of topics for this month, that i never did get around to posting some "after" shots of those socks i was commanded asked most politely to make for his birthday. i also got some new yarn that i am looking forward to working with. it is a bit of the old, and a bit of the new.

he loves these things. i cannot begin to guess how many times he has worn them since, but they always seem to be in the laundry, so they are definitely being used.

i really like the way those textured stitches come together at the sides to produce something that looks (to me) like a tree.

and the back of the heel looks pretty substantial, so they should be able to stand up to the abuse of his feet.

as for the patches of clown-barf... those are swatches for two yarns i purchased recently. they are both cotton blends, so they should be perfect for working with in all this heat... plus, i will actually be able to wear the finished product. so, whatever i make from them will definitely be pour moi.

i have not settled on a pattern for the thinner yarn (left), but i am looking for something very minimalistic, as any attempts at lace or textured stitches would be a waste with this yarn. maybe something like the Roberts Linen Pullover, Split Back Tank, or 003. i cannot decide, but i plan to make all three... eventually.

as for the thicker yarn (right), i am going to start working on an Alfama cardi (by Amy Christoffers), just as soon as i am done writing this. it is knit at a loose gauge, for an almost-meshy fabric, which will make for a light layering piece that will not leave me feeling like a stuffed bun in a bamboo steamer... and now i want steamed buns.

this is one of those items that my mom will probably take one look at, then decide that it needs to be part of her wardrobe. i have lost a few hand-knits that way. there is a (different) cardi in the works for her, but i will talk more about that one some other day.

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