one degree of happiness...

happy thirteenth day of Spring!!!  sure, there is still lots of snow on the ground (some of it from the out-of-nowhere storm two days ago), but i am happy to announce that it is a bright, sunshiny day in M├ętropole Nord, and it is a whole degree above freezing.  one whole, stinking degree.  hooray!  almost makes me want to shove my winter coat into the back of the closet... but only for a moment, because it will slip back below freezing as soon as the first cloud slides in front of the sun.

i pulled open the curtains to let in some much-needed sunlight, and it seemed like a good opportunity to document my latest work-in-progress.  there is a squirrel-themed sweater growing in the back of my mind, but i am taking a much-needed break from warmer knits with something that reflects the change in the air.

it is the Bailiwick Pullover on the cover of the latest Interweave Knits (Spring 2014, project here on Ravelry). and, yes... i am making one in (gasp) pink (although, it is technically light salmon).  the stitches for the top-front section are done and waiting on a spare needle...

and i am about two inches in on the back section.

note the extra-wide, nearly-off-the-shoulder neckline.  i used TechKnitter's method for the tubular cast on.

despite owning a sizable collection of knitting tools, nothing beats a couple rubber bands for keeping stitches on a needle.

a hairpin makes a handy holder for a small number of stitches, and another rubber band holds it all together.  

the yarn is a 70% cotton/30% acrylic blend from the stash, which i am using doubled to get the right gauge.  it has a slight nubbly finish that adds to the overall texture.

i am making pretty decent progress thus far, despite taking a three-day break to rest my sore wrists.  hopefully it will be done before it gets too warm... so, i can pretty much take my time.  oh, Canada!