something new...

so... there i was, standing for over an hour in the alleyway on a windy afternoon, with a flurry of plant parts and small winged animals (a.k.a., insects) flying into my hair, eyes, and (occasionally) mouth just to be able to share something incredibly special with you.

it is a slightly crescent-shaped shawl/scarf,, a generous 80 inches wide, with just enough shaping to stay put across the shoulders.   i loved the picots so much along the cast-on border, that i opted to repeat them along the bind off edge.  now, if only i can muster the courage to write up and possibly share my sketchy pattern(ish) directions.  

oh... and if you're wondering what i'm staring at in the first photo, this is the exterior of my building.

at least one of those windows belongs to my apartment, but perhaps i've said too much.  but i did take pictures of my upstairs neighbor's ivy-framed window... because i can't quite decide whether it's creepy or cool.