11: between zen and insane...

if you have been here before, you may be familiar with my ongoing 'war of the species' with the squirrels. i seem to have stumbled upon the cure for my problem, and i am sharing that secret with you.

get a crazy cat.

the Little One is playful and adorable... and she will absolutely rip the face off a squirrel if it dares get too close. she crouches, for hours at a time, behind the large pots, and just... waits. her patience is somewhere between zen and insane. man, i love this cat!

yes, i do have two other cats, but they are both... how do you say... useless.

i have literally seen a squirrel in the midst of destroying a plant, while Mama Mama was napping below. you would think that all the bits falling in her face might have stirred some sort of objection, but... no. useless!

and, as for Baby Bear, she is usually too busy trying to make friends with the squirrels to recognize the danger they pose. she treats the presence of a squirrel in her territory like it was an unscheduled playdate. useless!

when we got the Little One, i pretty much expected more of the same, especially as she would run and hide for hours at a time whenever anyone opened the balcony door. then, one day, she took her first step out there... and thus was born the cure.

so, if you are tired of waking up to find your cherry tomatoes scattered on the ground, with a single bite taken from every single one, just get a crazy cat... then wait.

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