12: my tribe approves...

i just watched a You Tube "haul" video that consisted of a woman going through the contents of her grocery bags... one item at a time. when did bananas and toilet bowl cleaner become a haul? i weep for humanity.

our household is in the grips of some sort of mid-summer malady, so it has been a bit rough going over the last couple days. he was the hardest hit, but he is already on the road to recovery. as for me, i just want to crawl under the covers and sleep for a few more days. this too shall pass.

today's topic concerns the lovely cardi i recently completed for his mom.

she is so very knit-worthy, which is the highest praise you can receive from a member of my tribe. she wore the last sweater i knitted for her so much, that i feel certain that this one will also be treated to the greatest possible measure of love for a knitted thing... it will be worn! my tribe approves.

this is the Sibella Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge. it was part of a rather clever collection in which she took a handful of basic lace motifs, and designed multiple items using each one.

they are all beautiful, but "Sibella" is my favorite of the laces. i am especially fond of the pullover version, which will probably show up in my wardrobe eventually... most likely as a short-sleeve cotton tee, perfect for Summer wearing.

the cardi was knitted in a light-weight yarn, so it is not really a "snuggly" garment for colder season. i opted to make it with a short-sleeve, so it will be a perfect layering piece for when she wants a bit of shoulder warmth, without the bulk of a thick sweater.

he picked out this pretty design from my collection of bamboo buttons. i use them on everything, but i seem to still have  a lifetime supply.

it has been neatly-folded, waiting to be delivered for the past few weeks. we will get around to that bit eventually.

i was so taken by this cardi, that i immediately abandoned a different one i had started way back in the Winter for my mom, and casted on one of the same. mom's Sibella cardi will be in a steely blue-grey color. as for the other project i was working on for mom... well, that one may end up being burnt to ashes, as that is the only solution for a lot of problems some days.

now, i am going to have a cup of tea, then climb back under the covers.

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