zen and the art of living outside your comfort zone...

we spent part of yesterday morning nestled in the back corner of our local boulangerie/p√Ętisserie, discussing the fine art of writing for children's television over a shared cup bowl of mokaccino (no exaggeration... it was served in a soup bowl) as the first snow of the season drifted down on the scenery beyond the large windows. after an unusually long, mild Autumn, we have finally arrived at the heart of life in Canada. see it? snow.

it has gone down to a (still mild) -3°C (27°F), with wind-chill factors approaching what-the-heck-am-i-doing-in-Canada levels of coldness. still, it was pretty magical to watch the stuff accumulate. arriving home, i hunted down the camera and steeped out onto the balcony just long enough to be reminded that this was the very same space so tightly-packed with overgrown herbs and other delightful things just a couple months ago, that we had to institute a maximum capacity of one adult and one cat at a time for safety's sake. like all things in life, its time will come around again.

now, pardon me while i sip my lukewarm coffee and (try to) talk myself out of purchasing blue fur-lined snow boots with bright orange laces. talk about leaving your comfort zone!

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