mom, the sequel...

the first thing i do when i get out of bed each day is to look out the window at the world below. this is what i see most days.

this is not the kind of place where it snows, and you have a day (or two) to engage in Wintry activities before it melts away. it is already five million degrees below zero... then it snows... and it snows... and it snows again.

then you wake up a few days later, open the curtains, and find yourself wondering if that is new snow, or is it the same snow that has been falling since a day or two before. [the philosopher would point out that you never see the same snow twice, but that is a conversation for another day.]

this is my block on a recent day. notice that? yes, that is quite a lot of snow. then it snowed again for a day or two.  [that tree on the right that looks like it is about to crush someone's car was damaged in the Great Microburst of 2017, and it has been leaning like that ever since.]

now, i recognize that the Canadian people see this kind of thing as being perfectly normal. however, i am not from around here, so i am still inclined to think that it makes zero sense. i ask the same question most days: who came up with the idea of starting countries in places where there is nothing but soul-draining coldness... oh, and lots... and lots... and lots of snow? sheer insanity!

and speaking of  insanity...

back when i was in my teens, whenever i was leaving the house during the Winter months to go hang out with my friends, my mom would be standing in the doorway, always making the same comment.

mom: you're gonna catch pneumonia dressed like that.

fast-forward to the present, and that is pretty much where i find myself again.

him: that's all you're wearing? you'll catch pneumonia.

then i just shake my head and tell him he sounds like an old woman.

him: okay. fine. wear whatever you want, but i don't want to hear any complaining when you can't sleep because you're up coughing all night. 
me: wow. that is impressive. 
him: what?
me: you are actually worse than my mom. 

so, yes.. it would appear that i am sharing my life with 'mom, the sequel'. and i totally get the cause of his concern. it has been a particularly rough Winter around here with everyone being sick near constantly. however, i have more than enough cozy pieces to keep me warm.

despite my obsession with knitted things, it is only in the past couple years or so that i actually began to incorporate the things i make for myself into my everyday wardrobe. before that, i mostly knitted out of curiosity, so it never occurred to me to actually wear the things i made.

i was getting dressed to go out recently, when i paused to look at the assortment of hand-knits i had pulled together to wear that day.

i blogged about the navy blue sweater back when i made it (and, yes... i wore a shirt under it, as the body of the sweater is a lacy fabric). the white hat was knit several years ago using some of my own hand-spun yarn. i do not recall there being a pattern for that one, so i most likely made it up as i went along. there was also my super-awesome Wonder Woman shawl. there are no words to describe how much i love this stinking shawl, and i would gladly make another one if anyone was interested, because that is how much i enjoyed knitting this thing.

and, last but not least, are my Urban Necessity Gloves. i made these back in 2010, and they still look like new. they are the perfect gloves for being out and about in the Winter, as you can go from fingerless mitts to cozy gloves and back again in a matter of seconds.

so, while i deeply appreciate all of his well-meaning caring, i think i will be okay venturing out into the world, even on the coldest of days.

i should point out that while i am sitting here typing, he is talking to his dad about the freezing rain that is supposed to hit this area shortly... because what we need most of all right now is freezing rain on top of all of the snow.

this seems like a really good time for me to go knit something warm.

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