constellation of distractions...

it would appear that my attempt at public-shaming from two nights ago had the right effect... on the wrong person.

him: i did not realize you had that many projects on the go at once.
me: oh, i'm sure i missed a couple-few. i didn't feel like digging around in the back of the yarn closet.
him: hopefully looking at all of them in one place will motivate you to get them done.
me: you'd think so, wouldn't you? meanwhile, i want to cast on a million new things.
him: what if i say that you can't buy anymore yarn until you finish those projects?
me: uhm... good luck with that one. that's what i say.

the worst part is that it is not just new projects, but entire new crafts that are calling to me at present.

it is almost lambing season in the Northern hemisphere, which is followed by fleece-shearing season. i usually spend weeks in deep contemplation (not to mention lots of harassment of sheep -breeders) while i decide what sort of fleece i might want to purchase. mind you, i still have the two fleeces from last year waiting to be spun, so that is one definite distraction from getting my WIPs and UFOs completed.

then there is the other distraction.

i have been watching a whole lot of beading and jewelry-making videos on the You Tubes of late, so now i want to drop everything and make jewelry. worst part is, i already have more than enough stuff on hand to make that happen.

see these two storage-type devices? they are filled with all the bits and pieces from an earlier obsession of mine.

there are about a dozen of these black-and-white boxes scattered around our place, most of which contain fragments of the constellation of distractions that keeps me sane.

oh, and speaking of constellations, we had a few nights recently where the skies were so clear that we could see Orion. we were on the sofa one night, and i looked out the window, and there it was... Orion. and it was there the next two nights. then we went back to near-constant overcast skies and snow, so is has not been seen since. but that is not the point of this thing. where was i? oh, yes... boxes of distractions.

be forewarned: when i get interested in a thing... i tend to go all the way.

this box contains...

many little plastic organizers filled with assorted beads and other such things.

this is one of the areas where my OCD goes into overdrive. buried into each of those sections is a small piece of paper which bears the type and size of bead.

you may have noticed that a few of those beads have been embellished with metal bits.

these particular beads were intended to become part of a space-inspired bracelet. [fun fact: i really wanted to be an astronaut when i was a kid.]

i was teaching myself to wrap wire around beads, and the effect on these cracked-glass beads looked totally cosmic to me. so pretty.

these are my two favorite bead containers.

this one is double-sided, so you can flip it over and store even more things.

and this one has three layers that stack together like one of those nifty multi-layered lunchboxes.

one of those layers houses lovely bits for making earrings.

and yes, there are more labels here. i take my OCD very seriously.

i also have four plastic containers, each of which holds an assortment of jump rings and head pins in four different colors (dark-grey, bright-silver, silver, and copper).

this is when the Little One showed up... and she refused to move.

that object she is examining is part of bracelet i started to construct when i was attempting to teach myself a bit of chain weaving.

and i recently purchased some hemp cord that i hope to get around to experimenting with in the near future.

oh, and i have some of those bits for making cords for glasses... which i promise you will be a near-future project of hilarious proportions.

then there is this awesome case... but i will save that one for tomorrow.

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