day 1: more of the same...

i was considering doing something i called "twelve days of Scroogemas", which would be my take on the whole "twelve days of Christmas" thing (which begins on Christmas Day, in case you are confused). except, my version would center on me complaining daily about wholly pointless things that annoy me (like teas that taste like desserts, and people who use phrases like "conversation piece" to describe items in their wardrobe). yes... i do have some problems. luckily, my favorite animator talked me out of said crazy notion, so i will instead fill my 'twelve days' with intensely dull non-happenings in my life. basically, more of the same.

so, it is December twenty-fifth, and people keep using the word "holiday", so i guess there must be something happening. i tend to get my fill of seasonal cheer by mid-October, so December usually finds me sulking in a corner, asking the same question. is it over yet? so, "happy..." and "merry..." to all of you who celebrate such things, but that is about as cheerful as i get. oh, and for those of you who get excited about such things, i opened the drapes this morning to find this view... and it is still snowing as it nears five in the afternoon (or, maybe i should say evening, as night comes early at this time of year).

it is hard to imagine that this space was packed solid with greenery just a few short months ago.

while we do not get excited about Christmas, the arrival of the New Year is a whole different thing. we genuinely enjoy spending New Year's Eve together, which we have done every single year since we met fourteen (or was it fifteen...?) years ago. we always make some sort of adventurous meal together, or (once or twice) we had dinner at some special place. this is usually when we break out the recipe for some crazy dish that involves new (to us) ingredients or cooking techniques, or we dust off an old favorite that would take far too much time/effort to make on a regular day. my very first post was a recap (three weeks later) of the vulgar display of meat that went into making my first ever batch of sarma (Croatian stuffed cabbage rolls) that New Year's Eve.

we had so much fun with that whole experience, that we still joke that if we ever have a daughter, we will name her Sarma (which sounds like an Indian name—which happens to be part of my paternal lineage—so it would be a meeting of sorts of two delicious cultures). conversely, if we ever have a son, we will name him Grah... which is a Croatian bean stew. and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we are not responsible enough to ever have children. where was i? oh, yes... New Year's Eve and food.

we have pretty much decided on this year's food-venture, although i am still resisting his request for homemade cinnamon buns. my go-to recipe involves about six hours in total of making/resting time, and i i am far too scatter-brained these days to keep track of anything for quite so long. still, there will be homemade cinnamon buns of a sort, though this particular variety will be made purely out of curiosity. that is all i am saying for now.

now, please pardon me while i resume sipping a cup of (non-dessert-flavored) tea and daydreaming against a backdrop of falling snow. maybe i will muster enough excitement to add a row or two to my latest knitting project. i can almost guarantee you that it will not be a "conversation piece". or, maybe i will just snuggle with the first passing cat and spend what remains of the afternoon in something approximating sleep. on second thoughts, if every twenty-fifth of December was like this one, i would gladly take more of the same.

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