short story #1: one man's trash...

i watched a video called "empties". it was thirty-one minutes of some guy cataloging the contents of his recycling bin. i lost the will to live at minute ten, so i got some apples...

and made a rustic pie.

which means it looks kinda crazy.

now pardon me while i stuff my pie hole.

the end!


  1. oh damn doesnt that look good. Actually I prefer a lumpy looking crust, pies with bumpy crusts just seem to taste better...
    I may have to make one, now, now that the colder weather is here...

    1. i tend to agree. i prefer the flakier pastry in bumpy pies to the more shortbread pastry in those perfectly crimped ones.

  2. It's been years since I made a pie, so the last time I tried, the pie crust just wouldn't "go" so I just rolled it out, and covered the pie filling with it in bits, all artfully stuck together with hope and warm water. Probably the best piecrust I ever made.
    I suspect I was using Canadian measurements for an American pie...