my conscience got the best of me...

no, that is not the tropical conservatory at the botanical garden. it is my living room. allow me to explain.

we have arrived at mid-October and the first real taste of Autumn weather in Montreal. there is a frost advisory in place for the overnight hours, a gentle reminder that Winter is almost here. i spent the entire afternoon nestled under a blanket on my comfy sofa while the cats took turns keeping me company (the grey one is napping next to me as i type). we have returned the living room to Winter-setting, which basically means rearranging the furniture so that said sofa is once again tucked into the corner near the wall-of-glass. the view is warm and sunshiney by day...

and the sunsets are spectacular (even when it is overcast and raining lightly, like today).

Winter tends to arrive early in these parts, so we packed up the balcony garden a couple weeks ago and put most of the gear into "storage" (a.k.a., the back of the hall closet). there was one large pot full of herbs and another one that contained some almost-mature peppers that we brought indoors to join the jungle of houseplants already occupying the living room. i had merely hoped that the move would slow down their inevitable decline, but they seem to be absolutely thriving in the new digs.

my favorite animator was ready to abandon the wilted trough of cutting celery (the parsley-looking stuff up against the glass door), but i took pity on it and brought it indoors. not only did it recover, the plants are doing better than when they were outdoors.  we cut quite a bit of it yesterday to add to a pot of soup, and i predict lots more tasty meals featuring super-locally-sourced herby things.

then there was the lone container of nasturtiums, hanging on for dear life in the advancing cold.

i was saving all the edible things, and while nasturtiums totally qualify as such, we never eat them. i grow them entirely because they look like wee little umbrellas for gnomes. my garden... my irrational rules.

i could not bring myself to uproot the plant during the clean-up, so we left it to the mercy of Nature. problem is, the thing refuses to die... and it keeps putting out flowers!

i sat there this afternoon, studying the plant through the glass, realizing that it would likely succumb to tonight's promised frost, when my conscience got the best of me. besides... floor space is so overrated.


  1. awww. those little leaves pressed against the glass, watching all the friends inside..."is it nice in there? are you warm? oh, good..."
    Thats what floor space is FOR. =)

  2. he has put out more flowers since moving indoors, so my conscience has been allayed.

  3. good good. Now I can rest.