Pepto-Bismol in the parking lot...

it is Monday, and i appear to be alive, so it is fair to say that the Wintery illness did not win. i still feel pretty crappy, and i have less than zero energy, but it is steadily getting better... i think.

meanwhile, he has devised a brilliant new way to gauge my wellness.

me: [in the whiniest tone possible] sweetieeee...!
him: i know. i know. you're sick. do you want me to get you anything?
me: no.
him: do you want something to eat?
me: no.
him: do you want me to make you some tea?
me: no.
him: do you want to watch something together?
me: no.
him: do you want a piece of chocolate?
me: no.
him: no chocolate? wow... you must really be sick. 

then i pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep for the next several hours.

the entire weekend was like that. one big blur. however, i did manage to take some photos of my latest finished object. ta da!

this is the Willow sweater by Pam Allen. it is part of her Plain & Simple collection. Willow is a relaxed, oversized sweater with an elegant simplicity that is one hundred percent me. to be honest, i want to make every single garment in that collection... except maybe that cowl/hood thing. that one is definitely not me.

i love love love the gansey-style textured motif on the top.

it is on the back too.

 i made very few changes to the pattern... except...

i added a couple-few inches to the overall length, which made it slightly tunic-y (ish? esque?).

and i added pockets, because it was screaming for pockets, and i aim to satisfy.

i also split the hem at the sides, and i made the back slightly longer than the front.

oh, and i finished all of the edges with a sewn bind-off, which is always a pain in the neck, but it makes for a much more attractive edge. you can see it here on the cuff...

and on the neck...

i usually make a point of not making stuff in the same color as the sample garment, but i had a yarn that was perfect for this project, and it happened to be in a similar warm-white color. best of all, the yarn is a cotton-acrylic blend, which means that i can actually wear the thing for more than thirty seconds without breaking out in hives. madness, i know.

i started this project one day in Jultember (that being, the month whose name i no longer speak), right after having a meltdown in a drug store parking lot. said episode ended with me frantically opening a newly-purchased bottle of Pepto Bismol, and taking large gulps of it in-between the tears.

it was a rough day following an indescribably stressful week, and i had just discovered that there was a large rip straight down the center-back of my dress as we were getting out of the car to walk into said store. naturally, i remained behind, and when he asked me what i was planning on buying again, all that i could manage to say was "Pepto-Bisoml".

i casted it on as soon as we got home, and i called it the "Pepto-Bismol in the parking lot sweater" for obvious reasons.

it is living for now in one of the cubes in my recently-erected yarn storage system that was put in place to keep my stash under control.

is there still yarn in every room of our apartment? yes. yes... there is.


  1. There is, but if you so choose, you CAN put it in the storage bins. Not sure why you'd want to, but...

    It's always nice to have the option.

    I LOVE that sweater. I tend toward pockets, too, or I don't wear it.

    I have two PB bottles, one upstairs for night monsters, and one downstairs for everything else. You don't suppose that stuff is addicting...?

    1. i have no idea what they put in that bottle, but it has become a must-have item in my life. he swears by Gaviscon, but i prefer the Pepto. and, like you, i keep two bottles of it on hand, with one bottle always within reach of my side of the bed. and, thank you for your kind words regarding my new sweater.

  2. oh kindness has nothing to do with it. I covet that sweater. lol. But you're welcome, anyway. If I had to make it, it would need to be in shades of cat and woodstove, leaning between browns and greys...

    I have Reflux, and now and then something rears up and shouts at me, and I'm off to the Pepto, which works much faster than those s-l-o-w ranitidine pills...Whatever they put in the bottle, as long as it coats what we got, that's the important part.

    Gaviscon sounds like a French Canadian hockey player, eh? Marcel Gaviscon, goalie for the Maple Leafs, the one with all new teeth this year. (okay, I'll stop, gettin' giddy here)

  3. giddy is always welcomed around here. and having seen some of those scary pre-implant photos of hockey players, i had a good laugh about Marcel Gaviscon.