new gnus...

me: i want to add a banner to my blog. can you draw a picture for me to use?
him: ooh... that's a good idea. what did you have in mind?
me: i don't know. something cute. maybe some cartoony gnus doing all the random pointless stuff i like to do.
him: that's a really good idea.

that was three years ago.

i did offer the occasional friendly reminder, but he is usually rather busy, so i did not really press the point. then, one day, about this time last year, i asked again.

me: uhm... sweetie... you... uhm... remember those gnus you promised to.... uhm... draw for me like... uhm... two years ago... uhm...?
him: i didn't forget your gnus. i've just been so busy.
me: i know, which is why i didn't keep asking about it.
him: well, i was actually thinking about taking a break this Summer. i have a bunch of new drawing software i want to play around with, so i can use your gnus as a test project. 
me: sounds good!

that was a year ago.

Summer came, and we put the studio on pause and went into relaxing-extra-hard mode. then, as Summer was drawing to a close, the phone began to ring every day with Producer/Director/Coordinator-type people planning for the season ahead.

still, there were no gnus.

then, one day, when he had just gotten off the phone, and was scribbling down the details for a meeting, my patience/sanity finally broke.

me: i hate to sound like a pest, but you promised me gnus by the end of the Summer. now you're signing contracts and going to meetings. what about my gnus?
him: look. i was seriously planning on working on your gnus, but it's really intimidating.
me: what in the world are you talking about??? you are a professional artist. you literally get paid to draw all day. 
him: i know. i know. but it's different.
me: how is that possibly different?
him: well... that's not a big deal. that's just for television. this is for you, so it has to be special. 

then he gave me a smile that said he knew he had just charmed his way into an indefinite extension on the drawing of the gnus.

thus defeated, i gave up too... until one day, when inspiration struck anew.

me:  i know how i can get my drawing of some gnus.
him: how are you gonna do that?
me: you know those flyers you see everywhere for local artists advertising their services? and they're usually art students trying to make a bit of money by drawing logos... that sort of thing?
him: yes...?
me: well, i'm gonna hire one of them to draw my gnus. i'll advertise for a first-year art student, and hire the WORST one of them i can find. then i'll add that gnu picture to my blog, along with a note that says, "i asked my favorite animator to draw me some gnus"... and i'll leave it at that.
him: then everyone will think i did it.
me: exactly!
him: you wouldn't dare.
me: oh, we both know that i would. 

and just like that, ladies and gentlemen... i got my new gnus!!!

he recently had a couple weeks of down time between projects, so he managed to squeeze them in... somewhere between gaming and watching a marathon of k-dramas with me. [we watched Joseon X-Files and Vampire Detective, if you need all the details.]

we also ate lots of tasty things, like his dad's walnut strudel. there are no words to describe how much i enjoy this stuff.

and he made me many cups of his mom's favorite Turkish coffee, so now i am back to being a caffeine addict. thanks again, sweetie. there is a story to the coffee and the cups, which i will save for next time around. as for the fluffy, grey kitty... she was keeping me company.

then, he called me into the studio one day, and i was gobsmacked to see a gnu!!!

me: it's lovely... but... uhm... i thought you were going to do something more... you know...
him: ... cartoony? well, i decided to go for something different. let's see your first-year art student do that!
me: i am definitely not complaining. 

so, thank you, sweetie... finally. and i am guessing i should put in a request now for the next drawing, which should be ready in a decade or two.


  1. and these are charming. I love the gnitter gnu. Er. You did finish his socks, right?

    1. i love the knitter gnu too, and the photographer. and, yes... he got his socks. i have to remember to include a photo of them next time around. i have even started working on another pair, but he will probably get them sometime next year, because i have already (conveniently) misplaced said project.

  2. well it did seem only fair, and I commend you for at least starting another set...one of these days I promise I will sit down with a sock pattern and see what happens. Pictures will probably not be appropriate.

    1. i have come to the conclusion that keeping a sock on the needles distracts him from my ever-growing stash. the secret is to knit a few rows on the socks while i wait for the mailman to deliver my latest purchase... then i conveniently misplace them for a while.