after such a thoroughly rubbish week, i am grateful to say that life has been more of the same here at casa gnu.

picture the scene: it is somewhere around three in the morning. i am unpacking many small containers from a storage bin and lining them up on the kitchen counter. in walks my favorite animator.

him: what are you doing?
me: dyeing yarn.
him: now?
me: yep... wanna help?
him: sure!

i relinquished the role of dye-master and stepped aside with some trepidation. why? to understand that, you need to be familiar with a typical conversation in our home.

me: sweetie, would you describe this more as a purplish-pink or a raspberryish-magenta?
him: [after a quick glance] it's red.
me: worst. artist. ever!

so, yes, i was concerned. however, he did a stellar job and produced precisely the color i described. it was a bit darker in the dye pot...

but it lightened up with drying. behold the lovechild of Lucille Ball and Scully (from the X-Files)! do not get caught up in minor biological details. just look at the yarn and smile.

aside: note the use of wristbands (the type you get at concerts and other such gatherings) as tags. not only do they provide enough room to write all sorts of notes-to-self, but they are waterproof! i put them on before dyeing the yarn, and they held up nicely through the whole process.

the first skein was spun when i received the jumbo flyer as a Christmas present. i decided to go a bit thinner on the remaining fiber, so i dyed that first skein a different color. it kinda reminds me of dark-wash jeans.

on the botanical front, if you are in need of a grow project that will satisfy the impatient curiosity of small children, look no further than your friendly cucurbits (gourds, melons, and their friends). here are the zucchini seedlings just seven days after they were planted.

they are poised to go Little Shop of Horrors any day now, and it is only more frightening from the other end. note the one root that has grown through a drainage hole in the container.

we also took advantage of the warmish weather with a bit of wandering around the neighborhood. we were looking for Easter chocolates for his nephews when this happened. alas, i will eventually have to eat his little face.

i had my first visit in months to the bakery/café at the corner, and i walked out with only a coffee and a bag of meringues. truth.

there was also a trip to my local yarn shop, which did result in some more significant purchases. i was all prepared to photograph said items, but a cat got in the way...

then she decided to take a nap, so i will save that for next time.

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