Lundi (Monday)...

it's snowing in Montreal.  i know... shocking! most people take this sharp change in the weather as a sign to put snow tires on their vehicles.  i prefer to prepare for winter by stockpiling boxes of tissues and cold medicine. my way definitely makes more sense.

the sub-zero weather also means that it's finally time to pull out my newest toy.

it's a set of wool combs from the good people at Moonsong Ranch (here's their blog, and their Etsy store).  all their tools are handcrafted, so it's that much more exciting to be supporting an artisan.

this particular set features a double-pitch (double-row) of tines, and is specially designed for handling fine fibers (which is perfect, as i mostly work with merino-type wools). each comb has 27 stainless steel tines.

that's 54 new opportunities to injure myself!

last, but certainly not least... i also now own this nifty object, which is part of the assembly for clamping the combs to a table.

what could possibly go wrong?

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