Dimanche (Sunday)...

this was a dyeing project more than a year in the making.  i won't bore you at this time with the details of the laziness involved in applying the color, but it was a highly successful investigation into getting maximum color impact from minimum effort (i excel at minimum effort!).

i applied Dharma Acid Dye in twilight grey and strawberry red to 4 ounces of superwash merino wool. the result reminded me of old-fashioned comic book art.

after sitting in a bag for the best part of a year, i finally got around to drafting...

spinning singles...

and 2-plying it into a serviceable yarn.

the end result puts me in mind of a superhero comic put through a blender.  i'm calling this color combo Lichtenstein.

and, while i'm on the topic of color... i was asked to step down from my position at the head of the Wednesday Watercolour Society, as this is my best effort to date.

turns out you need some sort of artistic talent to govern such an august body.  i did threaten to leave the group in protest, but it would seem that quitting is banned in the bylaws, so i'll just have to keep on making mediocre miniatures until i figure out how to stage a coup-d'état.

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