the things we find along the way...

life has this funny way of presenting us with opportunities where we least expect them. i was hunting for an old notebook... any old notebook... and came up, instead, with a trio of empties begging to be filled.  the top notepad was purchased a few years back from a knick-knack seller in some quaint New England town.  it was the only item i ever purchased in my many visits to that particular shop, and i fully admit to giving in to girlish weakness over that super cute cover.  the middle one is a blank Bare Book from my days as a summer camp counselor.  if memory serves... i found the stark, white exterior incredibly intimidating, so i spent an evening covering it with many layers of torn, crumpled up grocery bags held in place with watered-down white glue.  the end result is reminiscent of a light, wrinkled leather.

and the bottom "book"... that's just a thing of sheer genius.  i made that one about 15 years ago, while trying to keep the young students in my gardening class occupied one dreary Saturday morning.  a fallen twig from a cherry tree, a couple pieces of corrugated cardboard, and a single sheet of handmade paper to embellish the front "cover"... and a notebook is born.

oh.. and a few pieces of goldenrod paper i "borrowed" from the copy machine.  what???  it was work-related.  

my favorite part is the back cover, specifically... the knot in the strand of raffia that holds it all together.  

now... i just need to find a pen.

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