day 12: not a happy cupcake...

i was planning/hoping to end this twelve day stream-of-consciousness on something of a high note (relatively speaking, that is, because is still pride myself on my near-constant state of curmudgeony). unfortunately, i seem to be under assault by that public nuisance referred to as the common cold, and i am officially tapping out.

i spent most of today wrapped up under the down blanket, going back and forth from a feverish stupor to wholly restless sleep. even now, when i have just had a hot shower and a cup of my go-to herbal concoction, all i can think about is the constant pounding in the middle of my head, and the growing tickling sensation at the back of my throat, and the constant drip drip drip sound as my sinuses de/re-pressurize from one side to the other.

me: i am not a happy cupcake right now.
him: i know.

outside, it 'feels like' a whopping thirty-something degrees below zero, and the high-winds have been blowing the ever-falling snow horizontally for more than twenty-four hours now. why do people insist on forming countries in such ridiculous places?

i had planned on taking a few photos of the snazzy cardi i knitted him for Christmas, but that will have to wait for some far less miserable time.

so... happy New Year, again, to anyone who gets excited about such things.

oh, and in case you are curious about the random things on my ever-changing mantle of madness, they currently include:

  •  a mini-board of knitted swatches in the background. i like to look at them in the changing light—what little of it we get at this time of year—while pondering all the things that i can make from the different yarns.
  • two model spinning wheels (one is wooden, and the other is made from corn husks!). these were generously given to me by his mom when she learned that, in addition to knitting, i also love to spin my own yarn. she brought both of these little gems with her from Croatia (back when it was still part of Yugoslavia), so they have been around for a while already. they are on my short list of 'things to grab in the event of a fire', so i usually keep them in plain sight. priorities, people!
  • then there are the two creepy wobbly cookie tins.

i blame my favorite animator for introducing me to these evil things. they each contained two small packets of Walkers shortbread biscuits (cookies, to my fellow Americans). "what could be wrong with that", you ask? "the biscuits are delicious", i reply. that never ends well.

they make a variety of nifty tins, some specifically for the holidays, and others for whatever random reason you dream up. so, now that i have the snowman and the Scottish piper, logic dictates that i must collect them all. thanks, sweetie.


  1. oh you poor dear. We are on the same train, on the same track, I'll see you one cold and raise you fever, aches, and night sweats. My christmas cold has become our (I love to share. My husband is not impressed) winter cold, and from the looks of thing will soon be my Valentines Day cold, too. It's nice to have a running (you should excuse the terrible pun) event that takes you from Holiday to holiday.

    This is also a great excuse to indulge in all the foods you avoid (of course you do) the rest of the year: cheesecake, ice cream, Walker's Shortbread biscuits...

    I love those cookie tins, those are adorable.

  2. are you okay? It's been a very long time, and I hope you're feeling better...I do worry, you know

  3. sorry about that. i tend to go into hiding every once in a while, a fact which aggravates most of the people in my life. between dealing with the cold/flu virus and my frustration with the world at large, i have been spending most of my time under a warm blanket, trying (and failing) to catch up on stuff i meant to watch or stuff i meant to read. i did take a peek at your blog every once in a while, and i started to comment a few times, but i ended up pulling the blanket back over my head and going back to sleep. the world is a much nicer place from that perspective.

    1. I agree totally. But with the flu we have this year I do worry about people who get sick and disappear. I am so glad you're back and functioning again. We both had bronchitis (thank the little children for me) after Christmas; he got over his, I am still arguing with my sinuses. God, don't I love winter. and colds.

      Nothing's mandatory in the world of blogs, you know. Not when you have warm fluffy blankets calling. I spent three weeks sleeping on the couch, snuffling and hacking and keeping the stoves going. Took me ages to get used to bed sleeping again, lol.

    2. if i ruled the world, small children would be required to wear hazmat suits at all times. they are walking petri dishes of doom.

  4. And add to that list people who use cold supressants so they can function in the workplace and at parties, while the rest of us unsuspecting fools inhale their germs. But for now, this will be blamed on one of six Christmas Day kids, all of whom are under six and as lethal as any petri dish out there.