there be sheep...

(relatively) short post this time, as i am dealing with some back pain (a souvenir from a nasty accident many years ago) accompanied by a headache from the bowels of Hades. moving on...

there's been some serious progress on that grey cardigan i casted on about four weeks ago. it is now a grey and black cardigan, and... here's the best part... there be sheep!!! 

i'm pretty much making this one up as i go, so i don't want to say too much about it until it's done—which, based on previous knitting efforts, could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. the back/body of the garment is about an inch away from completion, which leaves only the sleeves, front band, and collar to go before i can officially call it a FO (finished object). i've already found the perfect black/silver zipper, and i even took the (wholly unprecedented) step of knitting up a swatch of the bottom ribbing for the body and sleeves. that's commitment, people!

there's been zero spinning this week. i had hoped to finally get around to plying the last of that beige yarn from my New Year's Day post, but the bobbins of singles are going to have to wait until my back is up to sitting at the wheel. [total aside: that attractive device that holds the bobbins for plying is called a lazy kate (not to be confused with a lazy susan, which usually holds very different tasty things)]

on the domestic front, it's pretty much been life as usual. we are making tiny steps toward finally settling in to the apartment. there is still no progress on the walls (unless you count the two closets i painted last summer), but we have stopped changing our minds about paint colors, so that's a victory of sorts... i guess. we still have to trek down to the laundry room (in the basement, which is a joy when you live on the top level of a four-story walk-up), but we've (sorta) settled on a washer-dryer combo for eventual purchase... once the electrician gets around to rerouting the power so that we don't end up in darkness anytime someone makes the mistake of turning on the microwave and kettle at the same time. first world problems... i know.

the kitties have been doing their best interpretation of the Prince(ss) and the Pauper. i have a bad back, yet i have to stand when i'm in the studio as Baby Bear has been holding a vigil on the extra chair. note the two velvet pillows for Her Royal Highness' comfort.

meanwhile, Mama Kitty has been spending every non-waking moment curled up, hobo style, on a recycling bag full of packing paper (thanks, Amazon). it's her happy place. who am i to judge???

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