i'm supposed to be dismantling the bed while i write this...

the only thing more dangerous than taking stock of your life is taking stock of your life with someone else [by which i mean, you and another person jointly engaging in stock-taking].  it all began a day or two into the new year.  my side of the conversation went a little something like this:

we should make it our New Year's resolution to declutter the apartment.  [two minutes later] clearly we have to move... [two more minutes later] ...to a different city. 

yep.  that is all it takes to plunge your entire life into the total nightmare that comes with a change of address. my favorite animator grabbed the first box he could find and set off packing the mountain of toys inspirational figurines that inhabit the in-home animation studio, and i... well i climbed under the nearest blanket and started working on a truly epic case of heartburn.  

fast-forward five and a half months, and we are moving... in less than 12 hours. after several weeks spent checking out the housing scene in Ottawa, we came to the conclusion that there really is no place like home, so we are moving a grand total of 4 blocks from our current location.  we weighed the benefits of some of the trendier neighborhoods in Montreal (the Plateau, Marché Jean-Talon area, even Monkland Village--which is just a sub-division of our own neighborhood), and realized that we really like NDG. gentrification has not (yet) robbed the neighborhood of all of its charm, so we get to enjoy a magical blend of interesting characters and (most importantly) affordable rent. [friends back home in NYC turn green with envy when i bring up that last point].

i have been doing all sorts of crafty stuff (i swear), but the last few months have been so stressful, that i've neglected to document most of it.  i vow to get back to all of that... if only to distract myself from the painting, unpacking, and furniture (re)arranging that will likely occupy the next few months. [berto... i promise you i have not abandoned your sweater]

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