not-so-rotten day...

so... i wake up this morning, thoroughly prepared to have a most rotten day... when this box of joy arrives in the mail.  i ♥ Knit Picks for offering nice yarns that don't require a home mortgage to afford.  most of it's already earmarked for gift-making... but i may opt to end some friendships and keep it all for moi. [insert sinister hand rubbing and evil-villain laughter here]

then, as if that was not enough of a no-buzz-kill, i decided to take a stroll to my new local yarn shop (and future favorite place to hang out in my already super-cool neighborhood).  they used to be located near le Marché Atwater, so it's really nice (and potentially dangerous) having them just a short walk away.  the plan to avoid buying anything by hanging out in the deserted downstairs area was completely thwarted, as that happens to be where they also keep the bargain bins of sock yarn... so now, it looks like i have to make socks (or, at least, procrastinate making socks) in the near future.

lastly, for the absolute trifecta of mood-destroying decisions... instead of returning straight home and locking all the doors and windows, i chose to loll for a couple-few hours under a big tree in the park, while continuing the mind-numbing exercise that is my brown striped scarf (my future affection for said scarf is being put to the test by all the boredomness it's induced thus far). so... many bug bites later... my much-anticipated rotten day was totally destroyed.  but... there's always tomorrow.

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